Q: For takeout orders does Bite2Go handle payment between the customer and the restaurant?
A: No, the pickup (or delivery) and payment of the takeout order must continue to be handled completely between your restaurant and your customer.
Q: How can I ensure that my restaurant’s information, including menu items and prices, are updated on Bite2Go?
A: It is important that Bite2Go maintain the most updated information on your restaurant. Therefore, whenever you update your menu, we encourage you to send us your latest menu or just contact us describing your changes.
Q: Can I have full editing control over my website?
A: Once we have confirmed that you are the restaurant’s owner or designated representative, we can provide you with an account on the Bite2Go Restaurant Manager website. This website will enable you to edit virtually all aspects of your restaurant’s website including the ability to edit your menus.
Q: How does Bite2Go earn money?
A: Bite2Go generates revenue by placing targeted advertisements on your restaurant’s website pages. This enables us to provide your customers with a superior website experience without requiring any fees on your part.

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